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Villa Deste
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Mahon Harbour from the villa
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Mesquida bay
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Find this beach and you have found Menorca
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Hire a rib for the day
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another super beach
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The beach at St Thomas
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Hire a Kayk and explore the northern coast, a very good family outing
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Mesquida Beach
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Old fisherman's hut
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The tower at Menquida
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Mahon Port
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Mesquida beach
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towards the tower
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look for the local tortoise
Amazing Menorca
Plan your trip to take in some of the great opportunities Menorca offers
The Island of Menorca is a perfect place to learn to sail, it offers the opportunity to explore some wonderful deserted coves and hideaway beaches. If you would like to hire a boat or learn to sail, let us know we can help you make.
This is a great site for all things Menorca and has lots of sailing and boating ideas.
Boats can be hired by the day or week. If you are interested you first of all must have a current RYA ICC. The hirer would require sight of the document.
To enjoy a bit of boating while you get an ICC try the com [any below.

Hire a Kayak and canoeing
If you do not want to miss a single bit of Menorca beautiful coastline and would like to navigate safely, come to Menorca en kayak. You will kayak with our highly qualified instructors who are also experts on Menorca’s coastline. One of the best ways of discovering the island is without a doubt the kayaking expedition of several days. See sections Round Menorca (7 days) and Best of Menorca (4 days).
If you have done some sea kayaking and like the idea of planning your own self-guided adventure, go to section Your Trip where you will find all the information on how to plan your adventure.

Exploring Menorca on foot should be one of your holiday highlights as the scenery and terrain are so diverse and often spectacular. The walks around the coast are truly wonderful and highly recommended. You will find an invaluable guide to the walks in the villa- IL Cami De Cavalls. These are pathways forged by time that circumnavigate the island.
It's worth buying a copy- please don't take the villa copy with you.

A great map to buy before you arrive is The Walking Guide to Menorca, Tour-trail.
It is helpful because it shows how to reach the less accessible and often most desirable beaches. See the link below, copy and paste into your browser. Menorca-Tour-Trail-

Have a look at as it has many contact names and keeps you up to date with possible events during your stay.

Horse riding
Try horse riding in Menorca, have a lesson, try a scenic horseback excursion to the coast along part of the Cami de Cavalls, or do the spectacular 'coast and beaches' ride. Children are always welcome for a pony ride.
Bird Watching
The most significant birdlife to be observed here in Menorca are the birds of prey – large Egyptian vultures, booted eagles, buzzards, red kites and peregrine are often sighted, especially during the nesting season in the barrancs – the hidden ravines which run from the center of the island to the southern beaches.

Many bird watching walks follow these ravines, which lie hidden in the limestone plateau of the southern half of the island and which provide ideal places nesting birds, with both eagles and vultures a common sight flying above.

The woodlands throughout the island are full of smaller birds, and in spring ring with the songs of nightingales nesting in the dense cover of holm oak, wild olive and pine. Hoopoes, blue rock thrushes and bee-eaters are commonly seen. With its strategic position in the western Mediterranean, the island is a perfect place for migrating birds to winter and take advantage of the mild climate and food resources the island has to offer in its wetlands.


Lastly, don't miss one of the many summer Fiestas. These are wonderful, colourful events that show case extraordinary horsemanship by training the horses to rear on their hind legs and walk on two legs though the crowd. Loud music rings out as the youth of the island play a dangerous game of daring each other to touch the heart of the horses as they rear. Food and drink flow freely, music and laughter accompany the celebration and the finale is a spectacular display of fireworks. Not to be missed.
If your holiday weeks line up with the Cala Fons Fiesta at the end of July you will be in for a treat because the fireworks are set off from the water and can be clearly seen and enjoyed from the upper villa terrace

For the best beaches, look at
This is one of the best sites relating to Menorca that is available. It's really useful and covers most of the topics we can think of.

Menorca is blessed with some wonderful beaches and the sea is clear and unpolluted- seeing local children playing in the water in Cala Rata is delightful.
Closest to the villa is Mesquida Beach with its long sandy beach and blue water. This is in an area of outstanding natural beauty and it caters for all tastes as it has rock pools on one side and beach on the other. A perfect beach for families as the sand slopes gently into the sea. It's about 5 mins by car.

Es Grau beach is also close- about 15 mins by car. This is a family friendly beach with perfect sand and shallow water. There is an unpretentious little cafe and restaurant right on the waters edge and wonderful walks along the Cami de Cavills.

In1993, UNESCO declared the island of Menorca a Biosphere Reserve. This accolade has been granted to only 411 places in the world where an important natural and cultural heritage exists.

Beaches within this area include:
ILLA D’EN COLOM:  A small island with an area of 58 hectares situated 200 meters off the coastline. There use to be an isolation hospital on the island. Accessible by boat from ES GRAU beach.
ARENAL D’EN MORO:  A small sandy beach, accessible on foot or boat. No facilities.
TAMARELLS DEL SUD:  A small sandy beach, accessible by foot or boat. No facilities.
TAMARELLS DEL NORD:  A small sandy beach, accessible on foot or boat. No facilities.
CALA DE TORRETA:  A small sandy beach, accessible on foot or boat. No facilities.
CALA EN CAVALLER:  A small sandy beach, accessible on foot or boat. No facilities.
ARENAL DE MORELLA:  A small sandy beach, accessible on foot or by boat. No facilities.
S’ESCALA:  A small sandy beach, accessible on foot or by boat. No facilities.
ES PORTIXOL:  A small sandy beach, accessible on foot or by boat. No facilities.
RESILI and TORTUGA:  These beaches lie in the north east corner of the island. They are small and sandy and not easily accessible. There are no facilities.
CALA MORELLA NOU:  A small, sandy beach that is difficult to access on foot. No facilities.
CALA DE SA TORRETA:  A small, sandy beach that is difficult to access on foot, No Facilities.
CALA MACAR DE BINILLAUTI:  A small gravel cove that is difficult to access on foot. No facilities. 

Other holiday activities that may interest you could include:
Cycling, a boat trip, kayaking, sailing, horse riding...

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Horse riding Menorca
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The black stallions of Menorca
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Horse riding Menorca
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canoe Hire
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Hire a rib for a day and see the beaches which you can only get to by boat.
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Horse riding on the sandy beaches of Menorca
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South side beach
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Bee eaters of Menorca
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Bee eaters of Menorca
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Golf at Son Parc
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The golf course at Son Parc
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Maxi yatch racing Menorca 2015
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Wally Class lining up in the Mahon Harbour view from the villa terrace
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Wally class with carbon fibre sails that shimmer in the sunlight.
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Wally sailing out of Menorca Harbour in May 2015
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